Lipstick Love

A Personal favourite of mine

Since the beginning of this year, i have become more, obsessed, for want of a better word, with the ever growing on-line community that is YouTube and all that it entails.
Through watching many beauty videos, make up tutorials and the like, my love of all things make up has grown.
While recently organising my wedding, myself and a good friend went through several shopping trips and trials to get the make up look that I wanted just right for my special day.
While doing this, i came across, what has since become one of my favourite purchase’s in a long time,
i found this product and believed it more than worthy of a blog post.
This product being the MAC A84 Love Lorn Lustre Lipstick.
For the very reasonable price of £15.50, i have totally fallen in love with this product. It applies well to the lips, feels moistening and soft and has a great pigmentation giving a beautiful long lasting colour. It has a lovely shine to it, which i really liked.
I 100% would always recommend a MAC lipstick for any special occasion and rate this brand highly.
My next lipstick purchase will defiantly be the MAC matte Velvet Teddy.
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.
until next time

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