My Weightloss Journey

Getting in shape for my wedding

Left September 2014. Right July 2015

All through my early life, weight was never an issue, it wasn’t until I turned 20, moved out for the very first time, and had the independence of doing what I like, when I like, and eating what I like, when I like.
and thus when the problem began.
Before I knew it I had put on a lot of weight, and although deep down I knew I had put weight on, it wasn’t until after I had my first child that it really hit home that I wasn’t happy with how I looked and it was making me miserable.
The thought of getting married the following year, the currant size that I was, made me really upset and I knew I would regret not trying to lose weight every time I looked at my wedding pictures.So I decided to do something about it.
and that’s where slimming world came in.
I started slimming world in October 2014, not really knowing or thinking for one second I would actually lose that much and keep on it, as I seem to have no real luck with diets etc before, normally they would fizzle out pretty quickly.
I went with my two sisters who also wanted to lose a bit of weight, I really think this helped, it became like our little weekly thing we did together. (as sad as it may sound haha)I lost 8ibs in my first week and got my half stone award. After that, I never looked back, it worked, and the feeling I got when I was on those scales and I had lost beat everything else and I knew I could actually lose the weight and look nice in myself again.
So I kept going, every time I lost weight I was that much nearer to looking how I wanted on my wedding day.and shortly after, in the November, I found

THE dress.

That dress became my sole motivation for turning up each week and keeping on plan.
Although it is a lifestyle change, I felt much better for it and soon had a good routine going.

I knew i had to keep going when I put on, and the feeling of disappointment wasn’t worth that bit of cake, or the biscuit. That is when I really knew I had to carry on and that I could actually get to my target.
I don’t know if there was  underlying factor as to why I started eating so much, but whatever it was, it had gone, it had been replaced. Because the feeling of putting on weight and feeling disappointed was no longer worth the cake.We always gave ourself a treat after weigh in on a Thursday, so as not to limit ourselves too much, (cold turkey never worked before) but i could just have that one treat and then carry on for the rest of the week again. Something that would not have happened pre slimming world.
Before I knew it, it was the weigh in before my wedding, I got on the scales, and I had lost 1/2 ib that week. But that didn’t matter, because I was in my 3 stone target I needed and I haven’t felt that proud of myself for achieving something in a long time.I put on my dress on Friday 21st August 2015 and walked down the aisle to become the new Mrs Parker, and looking at the pictures and how I felt on that day, only reinforced how worth while the journey had been.
No amount of bourbon biscuits, Victoria sponge or pizza could make me feel as happy as I did this day.
From doing slimming world it motivated me to get on top of my fitness and I also do a weekly park run to keep on top of exercise, and with doing this and losing the extra weight, I feel so much healthier in myself.
I have a final target of 4 stone to lose to get myself to a healthy weight and I am really hoping to get this by Christmas 2015 and maintain it for my newly engaged sisters wedding in 2016!
Although I no longer have my wedding as motivation, I know that I can do it, and I have come this far, so I hope I can keep going and reach my goal.
I would love to hear about anyone else’s weightless journey
know if your struggling with your weight, from someone who knows how it feels, you CAN do it.
I understand that not everyone wants to lose weight or think that it is important to be the ‘correct’ weight. I purely wanted to lose weight for ME.
Everyone should do and be whatever weight they wish and feel comfortable with.
until next time

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