Wedding Bells

On 21st August this year I got married! Exciting!
Its very true what they say, that getting married is rather stressful, organising such a big event is something that, lets be honest, not many people have done before and there are a lot more aspects involved than you ever even know about before you have to organise one yourself.
Sorting out the register, giving notice of marriage, cake, dress, make up, hair, favours, decorations, presents.. the list goes on!
But it really is so exciting to plan your own wedding. Looking for themes, decorations, colour schemes. If your anything like me, pinterest really does become your best friend.
You really can get some lovely, different ideas from there, that you can make into your own and make unique to your wedding,
One piece of advice to anyone planning a wedding is, do what you want to do, at the end of the day, it will be you, (& your husband of course) who will look back on the day and you don’t want to do that regretting not doing certain things.
We had a truly magical day that was perfect in every way. The sun was shining, all our family and close friends where there, and everything went without a hitch.
I did have a little bit of post wedding blues after the day was over, it was quite sad to think that all that planning was all over and the day had been and gone.
But yesterday we got the official wedding photos back, and got to relive the whole day again,
here are just a few of the lovely pictures from the day
Mr & Mrs Parker
Me & the Husband
Throwing the bouqet
Daddy here comes Mummy
Handsome Husband and Beautiful Son
We had a lovely nights stay at the salt house harbour hotel in Ipswich on our wedding night, I would defiantly recommend btw, if you ever down this neck of the woods
We spent our honeymoon, a few weeks later (11th-18th September) in Turkey.
It was amazing!
Ill be doing a travel post soon on that so keep your eyes peeled.
Untill next time

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