Travel Post -Turkey

A few weeks ago, me and my husband (its still weird saying that), went to Turkey for our honeymoon and it was


We stayed in Beldipi which is just outside of Kemer in Turkey and it really was a lovely place, topped off with an amazing hotel and gorgeous weather, it was a wonderful week.


For the first time ever we went all inclusive at the hotel and, trust me when I say this, once you go all inclusive, you’ll never go back. Unlimited food and drink all week was one of the highlight.

We had food served at-

Breakfast 7.00-10.30

Lunch 21.30-2.00

Snack 3.00-4.30

Coffee & Cake 5.00-6.00

Dinner 7.00-9.00

Late dinner 12.00-1.00am


So it goes without saying, i put on a fair bit of weight in that week (7ibs if we are counting) but I literally did and do not care because it was great. You could have easily gone without any money and not needed it if all you wanted to do was relax and stay in the hotel.

We did spend the majority of the week relaxing by the pool, reading and listening to music, and generally enjoying the fact that we had very little to do.



The weather was so lovely all week, 34 degrees everyday without fail, so its safe to say that i came back with a lovely tan that i would really love to stay for ever please.

We did venture out to the nearby shops to have a look around and get a few bits for family and friends back home.

We also went to Beldipi market on the Monday, which was AMAZING. We brought a lot of lovely things there. If you don’t know, Turkey is well known for its fake designer products and I was literally in heaven. I brought converse, Michael Kors bag, perfume, the lot. We got some really lovely goodies for other people too. I got my son some lovely converse, a converse hoodie and a turkey football kit.

It was such a beautiful country with its picturesque stone buildings and bright blue sky, i would defiantly consider going back to Turkey and recommend it as a lovely holiday destination. I know there’s so much to see and do there, whether you would want a chilled holiday like us or would rather explore the country,  its defiantly a must to go to if your thinking of a holiday.

The husband would also recommend you get a proper Turkish kebab, apparently they were amazing!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this post & the look of the new blog!

Untill next time



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