Mummy & Daddy day

When both me and Dan are off we try and do something together as a family. Its nice for Noah to spend time with both of us, not just us separately when the other is at work.

Today, with my good friend Gena, Her hubby Craig & my God-daughter Willow, we went to Go Bananas in Colchester. It is a lovely soft play area divided into different sections for different age groups. I had never been before and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with it. They had such a nice selection of toys for the kiddies to play with, a bouncy castle, ball pit, sensory areas, cars and much more.

Its free for adults & only £1.50 for crawling babies, and £3.50 i believe for walking babies.

It also has a cute little second hand shop inside that has loads of Melissa and Doug toys. They are a really lovely range of wooden toys that are sooo super cute. They also had second hand Clarks shoes and loads of home-made toys and taggies. so lovely  and a really nice idea to have in there for you to browse. Love a good bargin me.

I got Noah this really lovely home made teddy bear from the shop for £4.50! Love his little back pack.


We haD a spot of lunch and a drink in their little cafe before letting the kids loose in the play area.

They both had such a lovely time and really enjoyed themselves. Its nice to be able to just let them play and try lots of new, exciting toys.

Here’s a selection of photos from our day 🙂

IMG_4843 IMG_4856 IMG_4862 IMG_4866 IMG_4872 IMG_4876

We had such a nice day, Noah completely crashed out when we got home.

Love our little family days

Untill next time



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