A Very Potter Hen Do ⚡️

Our good friends Sam & Livy are getting marred this year, on 21st November so on Halloween night, 31st October we were all out in London for her Halloween Harry Potter Hen do, and it was lots of fun!

We had some awesome costumes!


From left: Mauraders map, Bellatrix Lestrange, George Weasley, Harry Potter & Fred Weasley

From left: Lucius Malfoy & Bellatrix Lestrange

From left: Rowena Ravenclaw & Hedwig

From left: Winky & Dobby the house  elves

From left: Siruis Black, Fleur Delacour, Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter & Moaning Myrtle

We started of the hen do by meeting at the hostel to get ourselves ready for the nights festivities. The hostel had a real Gryffindor common room esque feel about it which made it even more fitting. 

Once we had all got ready we headed down to Southbank for a delicious meal at Gourmet Pizza Company. The view along the Thames was beautiful & the food was so yummy! 



I tucked into the Fiorentina pizza followed by Chocolate fudge cake and a cappuccino 😋

Once our bellies where full, we headed to the next part of the evening, going to see ‘La Soire’ at the South Bank Centre. It was such a entertaining, jaw dropping, funny show and would defiantly recommend going to watch it while it’s in London! 

We made our way back to the hostel to enjoy snacks and drinks, and if your me or Roseanne, enjoy washing orange hair spray out of our hair, and played various games such as pin the willie on the naked guy, which was rather amusing! 

The next day, we all left our bags at the hostel and ventured off to find breakfast/brunch. We managed to find a lovely looking place called Joes Kitchen. 

 I would 100% recommend this place for the breakfast/brunch lovers of the world. Their menu was amazing! I went for the Veggie Hash which was peppers, potato, onions and mushrooms with chilli in a tomato sauce with a egg on top, it was delish. I also got a cappuccino & a ‘Very Berry’ smoothie!

We soaked up the lovely london sites while walking to the Namco Funscape arcade near the London Eye. Heres a few snaps I took. 



 We enjoyed a few hours of games at the arcade, which was super fun.


 We then had a quick drink before heading back to the hostel to grab our bags and say our goodbyes before departing ways.

We all had amazing weekend away and throughly enjoyed ourselves & the lovely Livy got the send off she deserves. Well  done  to her Maid of Honor Katherine for organising a great hen weekend. 🎈🍷🔞

Now a few weeks to go and the wedding day will be upon us. They are my first friends from our old school group to get married (not including me of course) so I’m so excited to share there special day with them and watch them become the new Mr & Mrs Brooke!

Untill next time 



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