Baking Zoella’s Oreo Cookies 😍🍪

So as a treat after SW this week my sister tagged me in a Instagram Zoe Sugg aka Zoella put up of her latest blog post on ‘Gooey Oreo Cookies’ and suggested we try making them.

Being a lover of both Oreos and Zoella, I happily obliged. 

Here’s how they turned out!

All the ingredients: Oreos, Choc chips, Butter, 1 Egg, PlainFlour, Baking Powder and light brown sugar. 

(I didn’t add Vanilla essence and the two types of sugar as didn’t want to buy both when I wouldn’t use them again for a while so I just used light brown sugar, but of course you can).

Here’s a link to her blog post & the full method and ingredients list for these yummy treats.


Just before being popped in the oven.

The mixtures made about 10 cookies all together. 

& the finished result….

They don’t look quite as picture perfect as hers however they were very delicious & super gooey 😋🍪

Reakon they would be lovely with a nice bit of vanilla ice cream 👌

Untill next time



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