My Weightloss Journey- Stuck in a rut

I’m writing this after just going to class because if I don’t write it now then It won’t be raw in my mind and I’ll probably just shrug it off for another week, hoping it’ll get better. I put on 1/2 ib this week. And it’s come from weeks of gaining, then losing, then gaining and I seem to have really got myself stuck. Just plodding along, and I want those loses back, the 2ib, 3ibs a week I used to get, even just a steady loss, just something because I’m holding onto a thread here and I honestly don’t know what to do any more.
Something needs to drastically change. But I’m at a loss. My enthusiasm seems to have ebbed away with every gain and now I just feel like it’s so far away, I can’t even remember how easy it was any more.
I always said I wouldn’t let this happen even after the focus of the wedding had gone, but seems like it’s happened without me even realising until now.

My consultant has given me a new form to fill out for this week to try and get back on track, S.A.S (slimmers against sabotage) so fingers crossed.

Help, inspiration, anything would be real great right now.


I know this is so true, so I need to keep going.

Until next time



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  1. I think after tonight I might need one of those forms too!! Maybe we could do it together, keep each other motivated. Give ourselves a target for each week, come up with ideas together to keep us to that target and maybe do a count down to my wedding. That could be our new motivation x

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    1. Trouble is I don’t see you loads in the week, I need someone hear to kick my butt into making things haha


      1. You don’t have to see someone to keep he, motivated


      2. No I guess not, haha :/


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