BLOGMAS DAY FOUR- Christmas decoration heaven ⭐️

I recently went to visit my auntie in Norwich and we decided to do something a bit Christmassy. We took ourselves to a garden centre, called Highway, in Norwich,  which decks it’s self out with loads of Christmas decorations to buy and they even had a Santa’s grotto.

Here’s a link to their website if you want to check it out!

So if your not feeling Christmassy yet, or you haven’t put your tree up through lack of inspiration, then I guarantee you will after seeing these pictures.





It was a nice little family activities, my son Noah really enjoyed all the Christmas lights.


My little elf ❤️ 

We stopped off at their lovely little cafe for a coffee, they had some delicious looking cakes, but I refrained (I don’t know how) as I’m trying to be super good up untill Christmas now. 
   We also found these super cute decorations for our tree which I just had to get.

I hope these have made you feel alittle more Christmassy! 🎁🎄☃

Untill next time



2 Comments Add yours

  1. My nephews such a cutie 💟

    I need to go here! I Hope you got the copper candles for your bathroom xx


    1. It was cool 😊 No I didn’t 😦


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