BLOGMAS DAY FIVE- Opening Tanya Burr’s advent calendar 💅🏼

So it’s time to open door number three of my Tanya Burr ‘deck the hauls’ beauty advent calendar.

 Let’s take a look inside today’s door.

  “Nail your party look right now” – nice little play on words there. I today’s door is one of her nail polishes from her beauty range. Its a blue tint to it, and you can build on the colour. If you just put one coat it’s more of a grey colour, the more coats you apply the darker it gets, to a darker bluey colour. It has little glitter pieces in it aswell which is lovely.

   Although this isn’t a shade that I would pick in a nail varnish to purchase myself, the fact that it’s glittery and lovely makes it perfect for a Christmas party or work meal. 

This is a full sized product, which in the usual range retails around £4.99  each so this is a great product to have included in this advent calendar and makes it such a bargain when the advent only cost £15! 

I hope you are all gearing up for the party season ✨

Untill next time 





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