BLOGMAS DAY SEVEN- Opening Tanya Burr’s advent 🌸 

Welcome to blogmas day seven! It’s time to open up my Tanya Burr advent calendar again, so here we go… 

This calendar is 12 days of Christmas, so I’ve been opening it every other day.

What’s behind door number 4..

 “Think happy thoughts and smile”

This is such a lovely message on the door today ❤️

In today’s door I’ve got the cutest little Tanya Burr nail file. It’s glittery, pink & cream with Tanya Burr on the front.

This will be so handy when doing your nails, and goes great with door number 3’s contents!

 It’s also such a handy compact size for your make up bag! 

Hope your getting into the festive spirit!

Today me & my son Noah are doing lots of festive activities so they’ll be a post up soon on all of that!


Untill next time



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