Christmas biscuit decorating 🍪

Yesterday me and Noah decided to give biscuit decorating a go, and of course, as its December, it had to be Christmas themed! I had a look on Pinterest to get some ideas of how we could decorate them. Here’s some of the ideas we liked.

 I went to Lidl and grabbed a few ingredients to use, I got ginger nut biscuits, rich tea biscuits, white chocolate, chocolate drops and marshmellows aswell as decorating icing. 

   Noah was ready to get decorating.  I had a go at the melting snowman biscuit however it didn’t quite work out…. So we melted the White chocolate and marshmellows and made snowman faces instead.

We spread it over the rich tea, then made his face with chocolate drops and the red icing to do his carrot nose.

 We then made the Christmas pudding ones which I think didn’t look to bad. We did them on the ginger biscuits to make them more festive and Christmassy.

 We used the White chocolate, melted for the Christmas pudding icing, then the red and green icing to make a little holly decoration on after.

I also made snowman skewers which I kinda just made up as we went along. We had loads of marshmellows left over so I put 3 onto a skewer then used chocolate drops to make his face and buttons and again the icing to draw on his nose.  Noah very much liked these… 

 Noah defiantly preferred the eating part more than the decorating part   Although they do look quite rustic, I think their super cute and have that nice homemade touch, and we had lots of fun doing it.

It cost me less than £3 for all of the ingredients (I did already have the icing), but I can’t imagine they would be much more than a couple of ponds, so it’s a nice, affordable little craft for kids to enjoy one afternoon.

Hopefully there will be more festive baking as December continues 🎄

Until next time 


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  1. You look like your really enjoying your marshmallow snowman noahy 💙


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