BLOGMAS DAY NINE- Opening Tanya Burr’s advent calendar 💋

Today it’s time to open door 5 of my 12 days of Christmas ‘deck the hauls’ advent calendar.   

I was quite excited as today’s door was quite a big one…   Inside was a lovely set of her Tanya Burr false lashes.  “Confidence is a great look on you”.

I haven’t always been a fan of false lashes, and if I’m honest, I find them alittle tricky to put on, however I have tried some of her lashes before and they looked so lovely on! My friend helped me put them on, and they gave a really nice touch to a more glamour party look.   The ones I tried before where called “pretty lady” and they were quite full lashes. The ones in the calendar today are much lighter so I think these would be perfect for a more everyday look and I’m defiantly going to try these out.

Yesterday I watched one of my favourite Christmas films so I’m feeling even more festive now 🎅🏻🎄

Hope your all feeling festive, only 16 days to go! 🎁☃

Until next time


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