BLOGMAS DAY TWELVE- Winter skincare routine 🤗

I don’t claim to be a skincare expert by any means. In fact, if I’m honest, untill this year my skincare routine was basically non existent. It wasn’t until my friend relayed to me how important it is for my skin, that I thought maybe I should actually do something properly to keep my skin  healthy for as long as possible.

I decided to pop into superdrug and see what they had to offer in the way of skin care.

It is so important, especially in the winter, to take care of your skin. With the cold weather coming in the next few months, skin can become dry and damaged through cold temperatures and windy days, so you need something to hydrate your skin and bring it back to life.

I found that they had a lovely looking skincare range called Vitamin E Skincare.

Here’s alittle bit of info on why Vitamin e is good for your skin-

Vitamin E dual phase cleansing oil £2.99. Vitamin E refreshing toning mist £2.99. Vitamin E oatmeal facial scrub £2.99. Vitamin E daycare cream £2.99. Vitamin E night cream £2.99.

Morning 🌞

In the morning, I lightly wash my face in the shower and dry it. I then apply a small amount of cleansing oil to a cotton pad and use it all across my face. I then apply 2-3 sprays of the toning mist and use my fingers to blend it all into my skin. I then apply the day cream lightly to my skin and allow it to be rubbed in completely.

Every Monday and Friday, so twice a week, I start with using the oatmeal facial scrub to get rid of any dry, old skin. It’s important not to use scrubs too often in a week as this can damage your skins natural layers.

I really enjoy all of these products and would defiantly recommend them to anyone looking for some new products to try.

The dual phase cleaning oil gives a lovely clean feeling to your skin and a lovely smoothness. The only thing I can say about this product is that this perhaps would not be ideal for someone with oily skin.

This toning mist is so refreshing and soft on the skin. It gives you a lovely fresh feeling once applied.
This vitamin E intense moisture daycream is so moisturising and feels so soft and light on the skin when applied. It’s not claggy and it really hydrates the skin. The Vitamin E gentle oatmeal exfoliator gets rid of any imperfections in your skin, and allows you to feel refreshed and as if you have a fresh, clean and smooth blank canvas to work with. My skin is always so super soft after using this and the little beads inside get rid of any dead, old skin.

Night 🌛

For my night time routine, it is the same process as before, using the cleansing oil, followed by the toner, and moisturiser. However instead of using the day cream i use the night cream to settle my skin and keep it hydrated during the night while I sleep.

  I have found, in the few months since I’ve been using these products, that my skin has been so much clearer. I have had minimal breakouts and it feels so much healthier, cleaner and fresher. If anyone has any other products they would recommend then let me know.

I know this wasn’t the most festive post but I totally love these products and think it’s so important in the winter to look after your skin, so I just had to do a post.

13 days to go! 🎄

Until next time


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  1. Oooh these look great! These would be nice as a gift set for someone!

    I need to start doing this before the wedding really don’t I

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah!, tbf it might help x


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