BLOGMAS DAY FOURTEEN-Festive family day and letters to Santa

Welcome to Blogmas day fourteen!

Yesterday we had a lovely festive family day with Dan’s sister, husband and her two children, Max and Iyla.

Jemma had told us about ‘Santa’s Post Office’ in Lion walk,in Colchester town centre. You go and write your letter to Father Christmas, and then decorate it and send it to him ready for Christmas.  So we all decided to take a trip down there with all the kids.

Although Noah’s still young and doesn’t really understand, I thought it would be nice for him to do with his cousins. They are 3 years old and 6 years old so they still believe in father Christmas and it was really lovely for them to do this.


We all went down to the post office, it was decorated so nicely and felt so cosy and festive inside.

When we went inside, we were greeted by Santa’s elves, who gave the kids a piece of paper each to write their letter on, and a chocolate santa lolly for being good all year.

Noah really enjoyed the chocolate part of the experience.

There was a big table set out with pens, stickers etc for them to write and decorate their letters and envelopes, so they all sat down and got creative.

With a bit of help from mummy, here’s Noah finished letter.

Once you finish your letter, you go outside to the post box and pop your letter in.

After you pop your letter into the post box, you press the magic button and watch the map light up, as you see your letter go to lap land ready for Santa to receive it.

Once we had finished at the post office, we all had a wander around town and picked up a few Christmas bits, some wrapping paper and a few last minute presents.

We then went back to Jemma’s for dinner, Dave decided to make some home-made mince pies for us all to have after dinner and Iyla wanted to help.

The room smelt so christmassy as they were preparing and baking them.

I’m not usually a fan of mince pies at all, not gonna lie, but these home made ones where so yum. There wasn’t too much filling and the pastry was delicious. Felt very festive. We all enjoyed them with a hot drink after dinner.

It was a lovely, fun and christmassy, family day which made me feel much more festive! After all, Christmas is all about family time at the end of the day, and Noah always enjoys playing with his cousins.

Only 11 days to go!

Until next time



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