BLOGMAS DAY SEVENTEEN-Opening Tanya Burr’s advent calender

Today, we open door number 9 of my Tanya Burr’s ‘Deck the hauls’ advent calendar. Only three days left or the calendar to open and only eight days left until Christmas.

Now its time to take a look inside door number nine and see what product we have today.

image4 (2)

“You can be fabulous everyday!”

In the calendar today is another lovely set of her Tanya Burr lashes. These ones are a lot fuller and thicker than the previous days ones, so I think they would be perfect for a party make up look to give you great length and body to your lashes.

These can easily be cut to the perfect length for individuals eyes and come complete with a adhesive for you to secure them onto the lid easily.

I think with a dramatic smoky eye, liner and these lashes, it would make an amazing party look. You could use the black shimmer eye pot from earlier on in the calendar to help create this look too.

Until next time



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