BLOGMAS DAY EIGHTEEN- Festive baking 🍪🎄

I thought, to get myself in the festive spirit, I would do some festive baking. 

I decided to make-

Cranberry & apple pies, as an alternative to mince pies, as I’m not the biggest fan of them.

Cheese and onion puff pastry rolls, as I’m vegetarian, so again an alternative to sausages rolls, and also, who doesn’t like cheese any ways right?!

And mini cheese thins.

First off I made the cranberry & apple pies. Here’s what you need.

Yes, I know, ready made pastry, but with a 15 month old I don’t have the time to make pastry! So, you simply need, shortcrust pastry, cranberries, apples, sugar and icing sugar.

First of all, cut up and cook the apples and cranberry together with a little water and brown sugar untill soft and delicious.

 Then roll out the pastry, working in some icing sugar to it so that its abit sweeter, then cut out circles, place them on a tray and add your filling.  

Place in the oven for around 20-30 mins or so and then, voila, festive pies. Trust me, these will make your house smell so festive and they are super yummy! Even more so with a splash of cream or a bit of custard!

  A sprinkle of icing sugar to look like snow and it couldn’t get anymore festive if you tried.
Next, onto the cheese and onion puff pastry rolls. Here’s what you need.  Puff pastry sheet, cheddar & a red onion.

You simply need to roll out the pastry, then cut lines of cheese, ready fry the onions and place some, and fold over the pastry into a sausage shape. Then cut off little wedges and cook for 20-30 mins until golden and oozing with cheese! 
Finally, the most easiest recipe of all was the cheese thins! Here’s what you need.

All you need is a cup of plain four, a cup of butter a cup of cheese, and a pinch of salt and pepper.   

 Mix all of these together and roll into a long sausage shape. Put in cling film to chill on the fridge for 30 mins. This is very important.

Once it’s been chilled, cut into little rounds and cook for 20 mins.eave to cool once you take them out of the oven, then their good to go. These would be yummy with a nice onion chutney!  

The house smelt so yummy and festive after this cooking session, and was defiantly nice to eat too 😋 This sort of ‘party’ food always reminds me of Christmas time. 

Roll on next week for Christmas food & deliciousness. Literally as I write this, this time next week it’ll be Christmas Day!!! 😁

Until next time  


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