BLOGMAS DAY TWENTY FOUR- Christmas traditions

Christmas is all about spending time with your family and every family always has their own traditions. I think it’s so nice too when you have a family of your own, that you can continue or start new traditions. 

Something that become like a tradition when we still all lived at home, was decorating the tree together. There was a little book decoration that me and my sister always used to have go make sure we read before Christmas Day, and a really tacky robin that every year my mum would not put on the tree as she didn’t like it so we would try and hide it on the tree somewhere and see how long it took for her to realise. Having a choccy advent is a must have in December and when I was younger we had a Father Christmas one that my mum would put chocolate coins in that we could have every day. So when I moved out, instead of just buying the shop brought ones I got a tree shaped one of our own and put chocolate coins in for all of us to keep the tradition going.

Having a son at Christmas makes it all the more magical. We didn’t have a chimney when we were younger so mum always left the door off the latch as she said that Father Christmas came through the front door instead to bring the presents. In our family home we don’t have a fireplace either so my mum brought Noah a lovely special key for us to put out ready for Farher Christmas to use so that he can get in.

We will hang in on the outside of the front door just before he goes to bed so he can see, and then once he’s gone to bed we can just take it off again.  We will also be keeping the age old tradition going by leaving drinks and treats for Father Christmas and Rudolf. My sister made Noah a special plate for him to leave out. 

  No Christmas would be complete without a visit to Father Christmas. This is the first year ive taken Noah as he was only a few months old last year, and this year I thought we would see how it went. He didn’t cry so I take that as a success. He got a nice little present and it was lovely to start that tradition with him.

The final tradition is a Christmas Eve box. A few years ago my sister made one for us which contained things like hot chocolate, films and festive pj’s. I said I would do it for us this year, so I’ve got us hot chocolate supplies, popcorn, chocolate coins and Netflix at the ready for some festive films so should be fun.

I can’t believe blogmas is all over! 24 days of blogmas. Complete.

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas Eve & a very Happy Christmas! 🎄🎁🎅🏻

Until next time


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