Weightloss Journey- What I eat in a day 🍴

I thought I would do another ‘What I eat in a day’ post to continue on with my Weightloss journey posts.

Here’s just a little insight to the sort of things I eat on a regular day.


Overnight Oats.  

These are so yummy, quick and super filling and a great start to the day. Simply layer porridge oats, fruit of your choice, and fat free yoghurt and pop in the fridge overnight. In the morning just retrieve from the fridge, grab a spoon, mix it all together  and enjoy!


Omelette with Salad

This is a simple filling lunch that is a defiant staple if I want something quick and yummy. Omelette is made with 3 eggs, mushrooms, tomatos, and onion. I had this with griddled asparagus and mixed lead salad.


Chickpea Curry   

I actually had this on its own as it was a fairly big portion however this would be so yummy with some chunkey wedges or rice. This was made by my sister who gave me a yummy portion. Check out her blog! (roseannegreen.wordpress.com). She made it with Garam masala and mild curry powder. Adding these to a can of chopped tomatos and passatta. Then you add your chickpeas and any veggies you like. This one includes onion, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, and potatoes. It was yummy and not too spicy. Had a lovely taste to it. 

Snacks- For my snacks or ‘Syns’ I like to use them on little treats to help fight off any cravings for yummy unhealthy food. These are just a couple of examples. Malteasers (19.5g) bag is 5 syns. The crisps are Aldi’s  version of quavers and are only 3 syns each. Total – 8 Syns.

I also enjoy the 3 syns hi fi bars as a quick sweet treat. These are sold at class and come in loads of flavours. This is the chock orange one that literally tastes like a Terrus chocolate orange. Delicious. It’s a yummy and less guilty chocolatey snack.

I hope this has given you a little insight into what I eat and what the slimming world plan is like. It’s all about food optimising and eating lots of yummy food. So un-restricting.   

Until next time  


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