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I’ve really been into my beauty products recently, and I’ve always been a Primark lover. They have recently been expanding their beauty and make up range and although I know some people might be a little unsure as to whether their beauty products would be any good, I thought it would be worth trying a few bits out. I thought I would do this as a little series of posts as and when I buy bits and pieces. 

My sister also enjoys a little dabble in Primark, (and by little I mean a lot), so she’s going to join me in this little series over on her blog too. Check out her first post on their eyebrow products. 

So when  I went into Primark the other day I picked up quite a few of their false nails to try as they had some lovely designs, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to start the series.

They always have a nice range of colours however recently I have gone in store and literally wanted to buy all of them, they have been so nice, so I picked up a few of my favourites.

First up I picked out some Matte Black Rounded ones. I love these and think they look really classic, I love the matte look of them, and black just goes with everything which is a bonus. I have had these before which is why as soon as I saw that they had them back I picked up a pack as these lasted so long on my nails last time.

As well as Matte Black I picked up a lovely designed set of white with gold detail. I think these are elegant with the gold touch, and lovely to wear into summer or on a night out. I haven’t tried these yet but look forward to popping them on soon.

I also picked up some lovely pink to white ombre style rounded ones that I thought were such a lovely subtle colour, and a slightly different take on a French tip. They looked really lovely on and I enjoyed wearing these as they went with everything. They were also really hard wearing.

These next ones I brought where a different style of nail, more of a pointed look, not sure if they have a actual name?!? I got these in three colours to try, a cream/nude tone, a pink shade and a grey shade. I tried these in the cream/nude colour first, and I really love them, they look really elegant and give a lovely look to your nails even with a simple colour on them. The only downfall is that I am not too great with super long nails and because of their pointy edge, there not very easy to file down too much so they weren’t really practical for me everyday.

 When I tried out the grey shade I opted instead to cut off the point and file them so they were rounded, so I could have more wear out of them. I love the colour of these and they look so much nicer than my actual nails. The colour is great with all outfits and the length is perfect for me to wear all day everyday which is a added bonus and means they’ll last even longer. I’ve still got the pink shade to wear as well, and I am thinking of perhaps trying them but cutting off the bottom and keeping the point so they are not as long but still pointed and see how that goes.

All of their nails are £1 each, which is a bargain really, as they do last and have such lovely designs. They come with their own adhesive which I always use and find works perfectly fine, however considering the price of the nails, you could always go to boots or superdrug and purchase a more expensive nail glue if you preferred.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post and hopefully I’ll have some more products soon from their range to try and have a chat about.

Until next time



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  1. nayardt says:

    Lovely picks!!

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