Its happening again..

I’m Pregnant again!

In fact I have been for a while, but its all kind of gone so quickly I realised that I had missed the perfect opportunity to document the pregnancy via my blog. Moments like these are always nice to look back on, so, better late than never.

I’m 28 weeks (+ 4 if you want to be precise), and so far everything is going really well. Much like my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any morning sickness at all, and have been feeling generally pretty well in myself. I didn’t actually really feel that pregnant for quite a while, but at about 25 weeks I started showing more and now I defiantly feel pretty pregnant.

Since my last pregnancy, I have been doing slimming world, and therefore I am 3 stone lighter than I was last time, which has defiantly helped. I’ve also eaten so much better this time because of slimming world. Obviously my aim is not to lose weight at the moment, but its really helping me to not go so stupidly crazy with the crappy food this time.

28 week bump!

Symptoms so far

Tiredness (afternoon naps are defiantly my friends atm)

Hunger (I literally just want to eat all the time haha)

Back Pain (Urgh)

Baby Facts 

28 weeks + 4 days

3rd Trimester

EDD- 14th August 2016

Its a boy!

Names? (We are keeping it hush hush this time)

image3 (5)

Another little baby boy to add to the family. I’m going to be out numbered now, but I know that Noah is going to love having a baby brother to play with. He really loves other little children so I think he’s going to really enjoy getting involved when the baby arrives. He will be nearly 2 by the time the baby arrives, so at the moment, he doesn’t really get what is happening. I told him there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy, and if I ask him what my bump is he says “baby”, but when you point at his tummy and say what’s that, he lifts up his top and says “baby” too, so I think its going to probably sink in when the baby is here, then he will get it.

I will probably do an update every couple of weeks from now until D day so…

12 weeks left to go!

Until next time



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