Zoella Sweet Inspirations beauty range

If you didn’t know I am a big Zoella fan, and also I love all things bath and beauty, so whenever she brings out a new scent for her beauty range, I get a tad excited and have to go and buy it. So that is what I did.

I thought i would do a little review on what I thought of the new scent for you to enjoy, so here goes.

The new scent is a sweet, almond/macaroon smell and it is super lovely. Its so sweet and yummy and different to both the tutti fruity and original collection.

There are a few items in the sweet inspirations range, I brought 3 to try out first, but I am defiantly going to go back and buy the body mist and bath salts next time I am in superdrug so there might be a part two to this blog post.


Lets first of all take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging of this collection. It is by far my favourite of the three. Although I still think Tutti fruity is my favourite scent, this defiantly wins in the aesthetics side of things. I love the Pastel coloured theme with the gold detailing, its so pretty.

I decided to pick up a body lotion, as I love the tutti fruity one, and knew I would use this a lot. This is called the body cream, ‘Sweetly nourishing macaroon scented body cream’, and its beautifully scented, super thick so you only need a small blob with each use. This scent seriously lasts so long when applied. I like to use it after having a shower, it makes you smell sweet and lovely and leaves your skin super soft too. This retails at £5.


Next up I picked up the ‘Le Fizz’ bath fizzer, ‘Indulgent macaroon scented bath fizzer’. I have had these in the original scent and they are gorgeous. They make your bath smell so delicious its unreal. Just one chunk does the job so it lasts really well too. I have not used this one yet but I just know its going to be as lovely as the previous ones with a scent like this. I also love the added touch of the ‘do not eat’ sticker on the sides of this, because lets be honest, it does look like a delicious looking Willy Wonka chocolate bar haha. This retails at £5 also.


Finally I opted for the Bath Latte. I mean, bath latte?! it had me at the name, how good does that sound. ‘Bath and shower milk enriched with almond and honey’. I love a bath so I was super excited to try this out. You can also use this in the shower as a shower gel too, which is great. This creates such amazing bubbles and smells divine, leaving your skin smelling sweet and lovely. I just love the milk bottle style packaging too, its so cute. This retails at just £6 .


I am really impressed once again with this range and can’t wait to keep using this and purchasing a couple more of the products from it to try out.


If you want to see the full collection, head over here to superdrug to take a look.

Until next time



5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the packaging of this collection. I definitely want to try these products. Completely random question but where did you get that basket from that you’ve used to store the production? It’s lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Their such nice products! Thanks I love it too, it’s from B&M! X


      1. Thank-you so much. It’s gorgeous. I love rose gold/copper colours so gonna have to see if they still have it in store! x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same I love it! They were with all the storage boxes and had different sizes too, hope you find one X


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