Pregnancy Update

Today marks the 30th week of my pregnancy, 30! I cant believe how quickly its gone so far, now there is officially 10 weeks left to go until D-day!


I have felt much more energized and motivated the last couple of weeks which has been nice so hopefully, (for now) the tiredness has subsided.

Unfortunately the back pain has got a lot worse and is really quite painful at times. I’ve got a physio appointment in a few weeks which will hopefully help, but not enjoying this part one bit. I didn’t get this last time but apparently its much more common in your second pregnancy.

Baby Facts

30 weeks

3rd Trimester

EDD- 14th August 2016

It’s a boy!

Having another child this time has defiantly made the whole experience go much faster, because you still have your busy day to day life going on with them, you kind of don’t think about each week as they pass like I did with my first pregnancy, because they all go so quickly. So I’ve only got 10 weeks left now until my due date, and 8 weeks left at work before my annual leave and then maternity leave starts.

I have to say, as of this week I am feeling quite un-organised, I feel like there is so much more to do to prepare before baby arrives, and now there doesn’t feel like much time to do it really. There have been a busy few months with hen do’s, Birthdays and weddings so preparations for those have taken over, so after this week, we need to get ourselves organised.


Buy supplies & pack hospital bag

Finish Noah’s big boy bedroom

Re decorate the Nursery

Having a boy again means we have got a lot of things still from when Noah was a baby, but there are a couple of bits that we need to re purchase also such as

Baby Monitors

Baby chair/swing seat

New teats for bottles

Play Mat

I have slowly been buying a few new little clothing bits and outfits for the new one so that it can have some of its own things as well as what we have kept of Noah’s. I am doing a baby clothes haul post on everything I’ve purchased so far so keep your eyes peeled for that very soon.

but so far so good, everything is going well, babies moving lots and the final countdown is under way.

Until next time



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