My Favourite Youtubers


So I do very much enjoy watching You tube videos and have slowly discovered more and more as the past year has gone on, so I thought, why not do a post about the ones I am loving to watch at the moment, and their might be some you know, and some you’ve never seen before. Also, if there’s any you tubers you would recommend watching, or if any of you have a channel, I would love to give them a watch so leave me a comment with any suggestions/links!

So first up I thought I would chat about the more ‘well known’ if you like, you tubers that I like to watch.

First up, lets talk about the Suggs.

I really like Zoella, and rate her as a vlogger, blogger and I really love all her other projects that she does, such as her beauty range and books. She was one of the first you tubers I discovered before even knowing how well known she actually was. She’s really down to earth, honest and just like any of us really, which makes watching her videos even better. I love watching her favourites videos and hauls but my favourite has to be her vlogs that she puts up every now and then. I dunno what it is but there is something about watching some ones general day to day life that I really enjoy. I love how a lot of her beauty videos contain high end and drug store products. I did a review of her new products added to her beauty range Zoella beauty. I’ll link that here if you want to check that out. If your into beauty and fashion then i would defiantly check out her videos.

I also really enjoying watching her brother Joe Sugg too (Known as Thatcher Joe on You tube). I discovered him after watching Zoe, and I really enjoy his relaxed, joking vlogs and videos. There always so easy to watch. He mainly does vlogs, Pranks and challenge videos.

pointless blog

Next up is probably my favourite you tuber of all. Alfie Deyes, aka Pointless Blog. I literally watch his vlogs every day without fail, and have done for well over a year now, which is crazy really! He daily vlogs and is always up to fun things, so the vlogs are always entertaining. He mainly does his daily vlogs, but also puts up a main channel video every week which is a real mixture of collabs, challenges and anything in between. He has a gaming channel too if your more interested in those kind of videos.

As you will see there is a recurring theme of daily vloggers in this selection of favourites but I just enjoy watching what people do in there lives haha. Next up is Jim Chapman. He does both normal main channel videos, but I always make sure I catch his vlogs on his vlogging channel ‘Every Day Jim’. He is doing a lot of fun fashion projects at the moment so their always full of interesting events. He does daily vlogging mon-fri on his vlog channel and a mixture of collabs, chatty, and fashion videos on his main channel.

Following on from Jim, I also really enjoy watching his wife Tanya Burr. She does both main channel and occasional vlogs on her channel, but I mainly love her make up tutorials, baking videos ans monthly favourites. She does a lot of beauty related videos, which I really enjoy watching, and I love her cosmetics line, Tanya Burr cosmetics too. She does a little vlogging here and there, but again like Zoella, if your into beauty and fashion, as well as baking then Tanya’s videos are defiantly worth a watch.

Now for a couple of ‘Upcoming’ you tubers that I have discovered recently, whose content i have really been enjoying.

First up is Sophie Louise, she does a mixture of weekly vlogs and main channel videos. I really enjoy these as she is so down to earth, just a normal girl, going to work, seeing friends etc. She does clothing hauls which I always love watching, and also a lot of video collabs with her boyfriend, which are always fun to watch.

Finally is a much more recent discovery, her name is Naomi Victoria. She’s a really sweet girl who again does a mixture of beauty videos, hauls and vlogs. I enjoy watching her beauty videos and make up tutorials, as well as the good ol’ Primark hauls, because who doesn’t love those?! She has a really nice style so its great to get some outfit tips and ideas from her videos too.

I’ll leave all of their links below so you can go and check them all out if you wish. They are all defiantly worth a watch.

I love all of the different projects that you tubers are doing right now and the fact that a platform such as you tube has such a great community feel too it. Team internet are really killin’ it right now. #Teaminternet

ZoellaJoe SuggAlfie DeyesJim ChapmanTanya BurrSophie LouiseNaomi Victoria

Until next time



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