Massive Baby Clothing Haul


When i found out i was pregnant, and that its another little boy, this time round i thought, brilliant, got loads of Noah’s things saved, i wont have to buy that much.

Haha, that didn’t happen. Every time i went into a shop that did kids clothes, i couldn’t help but have a look, and i soon realised that a lot of certain clothes and designs reminded me of when Noah was a baby, and i wanted to have a few different things for the new baby, to have more of its own identity. This soon spiralled into quite a splurge of outfits, so here is what i have purchased for little Parker no.2


First up are these adorable vests and sleep suits. Most of what i brought is in 0-3 month size, (just in case he is another nearly 9iber like Noah) I loved the cute nautical pictures on theses,as well as the red and blue colours. I think these are a nice colour for little boys instead of just the standard ‘baby blue’. Also, who doesn’t like stripes?! The 3 pack of sleep suits where £6.50 and the vests were £4.

Up next, another stripey number, this is a cute set that comes with a stripe t shirt and super cosy looking jogger style bottoms. I love the little pocket detail and red stitching on the trousers. This set was £5.


Another cute and cosy addition to baby’s wardrobe is these little jogger style shorts. As baby is due in August, i thought these would be perfect for those warmer days (if we actually get any!) They have a stripey almost denim blue colour with white, and a grey pair. These are another Primark Purchase. These were £4.50.

Next up, again loving the darker navy blue colour, i found these super cute polo shirt style vests. These were far to cute not to buy. You got two in the set, One all navy colour, and the other navy and white striped colour. This set was £6.

I found these two sets of dungarees that i thought were so adorable. I think dungarees look so cute on babies, and toddlers, so could not resist these. I got a cute tan coloured set with a cute doggy print t shirt underneath, and another stripey number with just a plain white t shirt underneath. These were also from Primark. The dog set was £9 and the striped ones where £7.

These just looked so tiny and cute i couldn’t not buy them, and also socks have a habit of going missing forever in my house so i wasn’t sure how many we would actually have of Noah’s to use again this time round. I got some colourful stripey ones, and some burgundy, white and navy patterned ones too. The pack of 3 were just £2 and the pack of 5 £2.50.



This cute set was a little different to the other bits i had brought but i thought it was so nice. Its super colourful with a cute tiger design. It comes with a long sleeved vest, patterned grey bottoms and matching hat. I thought this would be perfect for his first little outfit as it included the hat. Can’t wait to pop this on him. I got this in up to 1 month size. This set was £7.99.


TU Sainburys

Sainburyw have got some really cute baby clothes in right now, and to go along with the many nautical styled things i had brought, i picked up this cute little boat shirt. Its a white shirt with blue, yellow and red boats on for little pops of colour. I thought this would look so nice with jeans or some colourful shorts. This was £5.


George Asda

Both of these sets where gifts, but i still wanted to include these as they are so cute! Both are from George in Asda. They always have nice baby clothes unfortunately i don’t have a Asda near me to get to so i haven’t really had a chance to look for baby clothes in their, so i was excited to get these bits from there. First is this adorable Winnie the Pooh vest set with matching hat that my twin sister got me. Also, from a friend at work,  i got these three lovely pieces. These lovely navy trousers, Monkey patterned polo shirt/vest and adorable grey hoodie, which even has cute little ears on the hood! These were gifts so obviously i don’t know the prices but i’m sure you can find them online.

F&F Tesco

I know some people will think, oh please no don’t, but i could not resist buying atleast one matching outfit for the new baby and Noah to wear together. I actually think its super cute dressing siblings in the occasional matching outfit and these were too cute not to buy. Also,it can be quite hard to get some sets that come in both the small baby and toddler size so when i saw that these did, it was like it was meant to be. They are  a two piece set with Navy shorts and a grey t shirt with shark print on. Literally can not wait until they are wearing these together! These were £5 each.


 Nursery items

Now that we have sorted out Noah’s big boy bedroom and moved him into it, we want to re decorate the nursery ready for the new baby. I am going for a nautical theme this time as i think this is so cute for a little boys room and really easy to do, and adapt as he gets older too, as he will be staying in this room. So i have got a few bits for the room so far.


I got these nautical print cot pockets that hang on the side of the cot to pop bits and pieces in. These were from Aldi reduced to £3.99 from £5.99. My sister brought the striped whale from Aldi too, this is supposed to be a doorstop although i think it would be cute on a shelf as more of a decoration. My two sisters also got me this nautical themed bunting to hang up in the nursery. They got it from a lady at the nearly new sale who was selling hand made crafty bits on a stall. It had her card in the bag too so if you wanted to check out any of her handmade items, i’ll link them below. The ladies name is Julie Cook.

Just Sew Website

Just Sew Facebook

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my new baby purchases, and with just over 5 weeks left to go, theirs still plenty of time to buy more. For other pregnancy updates, i am doing a post every couple of weeks on how things are going, so you can check out my previous posts if you fancy, i’ll link them below.

Pregnancy Announcement

30 weeks Update

32 Weeks Update

My 34 week update will be up very soon!

Until next time



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  1. Can’t wait to meet you baby Parker no 2 💙

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