34 Week Update


So its week 34/40 of my pregnancy this week! 6 weeks left to go which is totally crazy. I officially have 2 weeks left at work! Woo hoo.



As i said in my week 32 update, i have been suffering with back pain. Last week i went to the Physio at the hospital for my appointment. Turns out the left side of my pelvis had dropped down and my sacrum had twisted with it which was what was causing the pain. They put all the bones back in place, (Which is crazy amazing when you think about it) and then gave me some exercises to help it and ensure it doesn’t come out of the place again. I did feel a lot better after the appointment, but i knew the true test would be after a weekend of work, as this was when it seemed to be strained the most. I’ve finished my shifts for this week now and although by the last one i ached a little, it did not hurt at all really which is amazing. I’m making sure to keep up on the exercises.

Sleeping is becoming increasingly uncomfortable as i get bigger, and i am finding it harder to sleep, along with having ti wake up every few hours to use the toilet. This is especially why i am so looking forward to finishing work now, not sleeping well + doing night shifts really are not a great combo.

I have had little bouts of heartburn/indigestion this week, only on a couple of occasions, unlike my last pregnancy when i had it a lot by the end, so i am hoping this isn’t going to begin to be a regular thing as it is very painful and uncomfortable. I’ve got my Tums at the ready just in case because they really do work a treat.

Baby is moving lots and lots which is always lovely to feel and defiantly one of my favourite parts of being pregnant.


Baby facts

34 week

Third Trimester

EDD-14th August

It’s a boy!

So the last couple of weeks we have been sorting out my son Noah’s big boy bedroom, so we can move him over to his new room and get him settled before baby arrives. I wanted to make it really nice for him, but also ensure it was a neutral enough design so that it would last him a good few years before needing to be re decorated. We went for Grey and red walls with star design wall paper, and i am really happy with the result. Once his bed, furniture and toys where all in there, it looked so nice and he seems to really like it which is great.

Here’s a few snaps of the transformation.

The part i was worried about the most was putting Noah in his big boy bed as he has obviously been in his cot until now, but from the first night he has been fine with it. I am so surprised as i really had visions of a battle to get him to sleep, but it seems he doesn’t really care, which is great, and has made the whole transition so much easier.

Now its just the nursery left to decorate.

I also received this in the post this week, which is super exciting.

I didn’t think anything was happening this time round so i was surprised when i had this through the door, but secretly really glad as i really enjoyed my baby shower last time! Its always nice to get together with friends before baby arrives anyway and i never need a excuse to enjoy afternoon tea!

This will give me something to look forward to after finishing work as well which is awesome.

I’ve finally started to pack my hospital bag this week, so i will talk about that in my next update when it should all be done and ready to go.

I have done a blog post on all of the baby clothes i have brought for Baby Parker no 2 so i’ll link that below if you wanted to check out what i had brought.

Massive Baby Clothing Haul

Until next time




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