Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection


I was so excited to hear that Tanya Burr was bringing out a new collection from her Tanya Burr cosmetics range, and when i saw the products launch, i knew i had to try some of them out. I love the concept of the range, with its pastel nail polishes, matte lip colours and neutral eye shadow palettes, it was hard to pick what to try.


The new ‘Soft Luxe’ collection consists of 3 Matte Liquid Lipsticks, 2 Eye Shadow Palettes and 3 Matte Nail Polishes.

I managed to decide on a few products to try, so  i thought i would write about them for you here, then you can check them out for yourself too.

First up i had to try out one of the eye shadow palettes, and i picked up the ‘Birthday Suit’ Palette. I have been wanting a neutral/ nude palette for ages now and this looked so beautiful. The packaging is super cute, with its peachy/copper colour and scalloped pattern edging, it even has a cute little heart mirror inside too which is really useful.  There are four lovely shades in the palette. ‘Marizpan’ is a lovely cool shimmery creamy toned shade, great to use as a base or for a really simple, light colour across the lid. ‘Toast’ is a warm nude/ brown tone in matte that is simply stunning. ‘Soft Truffle’ is  deep, darker brown shade, great to make a stunning smokey effect eye look when teamed with Toast. These two shades are my favourites from the whole palette and i just know their going to get used a lot. The final colour is ‘Cocoa Sugar’ which is a beautiful shimmering grey/brown shade. This would make an amazing colour to use across the whole lid for a beautiful day or night eye shadow look.

Here is the other eye shadow palette available in the collection.

Enchanted Dream

 I also decided to purchase two of the Matte Liquid Lipsticks from the range. I purchased them in the shades ‘Martha Moo’ and ‘Rhubarb and Custard’. I love a matte lip at the moment and think that a good matte liquid lipstick is a defiant make up must have. ‘Martha Moo’ is a beautiful deep nude/pink toned shade which i love. Nude lips are a favourite of mine so straight away i fell in love with this colour. It is really stunning, pigmented and does not dry out your lips, when applied, like a lot of liquid lipsticks do. It is super quick drying, only taking 2-3 minutes, and stays on all day. Nude lips just look great with so many different make up looks so i know this is going to be used a lot. Pairing this with the birthday suit Palette also, to create a cool nude/brown toned make up look, would look amazing i think.

‘Rhubarb and Custard’ is a much pinkier toned lipstick colour. Again super pigmented and long lasting and dries beautifully matte to give a stunning finish. This is a brighter lip colour but would look great to give a real pop of colour to your make up look.

They have kept the classic Tanya Burr lip gloss packaging for these liquid lipsticks, but for this matte collection, they have made all of the packaging matte also, and it looks stunning and really elegant.

From Left; Martha Moo, Rhubarb and Custard

I Swatched them both so you can get an idea of the colour and how they look when they dry. These are both truly beautiful colours.

The third colour available is a bright baby pink shade, i’ll link that below for you to check out too.

Puppy Paws

As i said, the collection also includes 3 matte nails polishes. I really love the pastel colours and matte effect of these polishes, however i have been getting my nails done recently so i wouldn’t have been able to use them, otherwise i would have defiantly purchased some of these too.

Matte Nail Polishes

I am in love with this whole collection. It is elegant, beautiful and so great for this time of year. Cool browns, Matte shades and pastel colours. Basically summer in one beautiful collection. Here is a few snaps of all of my purchases to enjoy and i would love to hear what you think of the collection and if you’ve purchased any.

Until next time



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