36 Week Update


Its now week 36, and as i write this i am 36 +4, only 3 weeks and 3 days to go!


I have been on Iron tablets since my last midwife appointment as i was borderline anaemic and starting to feel really tired again. These seem to have helped a lot which is good.

I have been keeping up on my exercises for my back pain and these have still really helped and i have been suffering much less for it. It is a lot harder to walk far distances now which i don’t really remember being as bad last time, even though i was far bigger, but i feel like i am more short of breath. This is quite common in the last few weeks of pregnancy as the baby is pushing against all my organs as it gets bigger, (Lovely!) so i’m just making sure i don’t over do it.

We have had some super warm days this last week, which have been a bit of a struggle. Its been hard to sleep in the heat, not that i’m complaining too much, i love the sunny weather, just unfortunately it went from cold to boiling with no in between. I invested in a paddling pool for Noah to play in the garden with and i have to say i reaped the benefits of this also. Spending too days basically sitting in it with him while he played. Good times.

 Baby facts

36 weeks

Third Trimester

EDD-14th August

It’s a boy!

I have finally packed both mine and the baby’s hospital bag ready for when the day comes, so i thought i would do a little list of what i have included in mine, to give you an idea, if your not sure what to pack.


My Hospital bag

Maternity notes

Nightie/Comfy Pj’s x2 (One for in labour and one to wear after)

Maternity Bra’s


Maternity Pads

Breast pads

Tolieteries- Shower gel, Shampoo/conditioner, Toothbrush & Tooth paste.

Comfy clothes to go home in

Make up

Snacks & Drinks

Baby’s Hospital Bag


Nappy Bags

1st Outfit

Spare clothes- Vest x2/sleep suits x2/outfit

Cotton wool


Scratch mits

Muslin x3


Bottles (If bottle feeding or just in case)

Dummy (If wanting to use one)

Also the babies car seat as you have to have this now when taking babies home.

I have my baby shower this weekend, which my two sisters have organised. Its an afternoon tea with a few friends and family so i am really looking forward to that now that i have officially finished work and am on maternity leave! Yay!

I’ve got the midwife again next Tuesday and this will be one of my last appointments with her Pre baby, which is so crazy! and exciting. I am getting to the stage now that i am just really excited to meet the little baby, and see what he looks like, and how big he is and what Noah will think. Eeek.

Until next time




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