July Favourites


I’ve been wanting to do a favourites post for months but every time the end of the month has come along I’ve had loads of other post ideas and it just hasn’t happened. But finally here we are, this is a little compilation of the things i have been loving this past month. There’s beauty, clothes, and a few random bits and bobs too.

First up, is a few beauty items i have been reaching for a lot this month.

For the summer months, (Yes i know its England but we have had a few nice days) i have been loving the bronzed make up look. This teams perfectly with a nude lip which i have been using so much this month. There are two particular favourites that i have been using, Mac Velvet Teddy and Tanya Burr’s Martha Moo. Both of these are beautiful brown, cooled tone nudes. They both have a lovely matte finish and i just feel like nude lipsticks are so in right now. Velvet Teddy is a Mac Matte Lipstick that retails at just £15.50 and Martha Moo is from Tanya Burr’s new cosmetic range soft luxe, and is a Matte Liquid lipstick. This retails at £5.99.

I have also been loving a pop of pink to my make up looks this month. I have been loving two lipsticks especially, Macs Love Lorn and Revolution’s Why Just leave. These are both Creme lipsticks, Love lorn is a beautiful mild pink tone while Why just leave is a little brighter. Its more of a ‘Barbie’ pink shade however it looks super sweet and summery on, and I’ve really been loving it. Love Lorn is £15.50 and Why just leave retails around £3.

Another beauty item i have been reaching for so much this month is highlighter. I’m obsessed at the moment. I just think fir the summer months, a lovely gold glow on your cheeks look beautiful and really gives you a sunny glow. I have especially been loving more gold toned highlighters. Two in Particular that i have been using are both from Revolution make up. They are both really lovely shimmery gold highlighters.

These have been bang on trend at the moment and i really love them as a accessories/jewellery item. There a true wardrobe staple as they work and complete nearly any outfit. Back from the 80’s, the choker necklaces. I have been wearing these nearly every day with various different outfits and i love them.

The last beauty item in my favourites is summer nails. I am a nail biter and so usually there stubby and horrible. Recently however i have been getting my nails done in gel acrylics and this has really helped them grow without me touching them, as well as enjoying actually having nice, pretty nails too. I am loving pastel colours on nails at the moment, and think these are great for the summer months. I also really love nude colours too.

Next up is a home ware item. I am a total sucker for scented candles and found another beautiful scent to add to my collection. I found some lovely tealights which are Plum Blossom and Vanilla. These smell so sweet and delicious. I also found this beautiful Strawberry and Prosecco scented candle, not only was the packaging gorgeous, (Yep, i’m a sucker for nice packaging) but it smells so fruity and fresh. These were both from Primarks home ware section.

My final favourite for this month is a book that i could not put down. Always with love by Giovanna Fletcher. It is another instalment in the ‘Billy and Me’ story, which i loved, so i couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for the couple in this new book. It didn’t disappoint. Its such a lovely, easy read and you really connect and can relate to the characters in the book, i really enjoyed it and would defiantly recommend you read it, and Billy and me if you haven’t already.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into a few things i have been loving this month. If there is anything new, beauty, home ware, fashion etc you have discovered recently i would love to hear what they are, i am always up for trying new things.

Until next time



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