40 Week Update


Here we are, at week 40 of my pregnancy, and once again hello Overdue Club. I’m 1 day over my due date as i write this and still hoping he at least wont make me wait as long as Noah did. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that this week he will make an appearance.



Conflicted by wanting to sleep but being so damn uncomfortable in ANY position is becoming increasingly irritating now, i have suffered with more heart burn the last couple of weeks as my pregnancy comes to a close, Rennie is a firm friend of mine now.

Baby Facts

40 weeks

Third Trimester

EDD-14th August

It’s a boy!

40 week bump!

Now that my due date has officially past, i do keep having moments of realisation, where i suddenly think oh god this really could happen anytime from now and the next 2 weeks, and its really quite weird. We are soon going to be a family of 4. Dan is now off on annual leave and Paternity leave, so he will be home for a month which will be nice.

We have, in a vain attempt of desperation, (mainly because i really thought he might not keep me waiting this time), have tried a few wives tale methods that are supposed to help bring on labour. Curries, Walking, and today i brought a pineapple because apparently that’s a thing?

I treated myself to some post maternity clothes which i cant wait to wear again. This is one thing i really dislike about being this far pregnant, i literally have about 5 things i can wear and fit in to now, and i just want to be able to wear other clothes again now. I raided our primark, now that they have finished re doing it all, and brought myself a few pairs of jeans and some nice tops so i cant wait to get into them soon.

Everything we need for the new baby has arrived now, clothes from the loft brought down and sorted, the Moses basket is up and ready in our room, and baby car seat in the car ready, so it really is just a waiting game.

Please don’t keep us waiting to long baby boy, we just want too meet you.

Until next time



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