Baby Update: Welcome to the world!


Sorry for the lack of post’s the last few weeks, but as you know from my previous posts, i was waiting for an arrival that finally came, and has kept me quite busy the last few weeks.

Welcome to the world, Casey James Parker.


Born on 24th August at 9.53am, Weighing 8ibs 10 1/2 oz, 53 cm long.

My last pregnancy post was at 40 weeks, he ended up making me wait 10 days after my due date before making an appearance, which was pretty frustrating, but luckily he came of his own accord before i had to be induced.

The Labour

I had a fairly quick labour, my contractions started around 2.30am on Wednesday 24th. My contractions started off about 12 minutes apart and were regular for a few hours, but bearable. I rung the hospital at 5.30 am and told them what was happening, they said to ring back once they were 5 minutes apart or too painful. We decided after this to drop Noah off at my mum and dads and pick up my sister too, who would be my 2nd birthing partner. It was clear by then that this baby was on his way so this seemed the best option so we wouldn’t have to rush around as the labour progressed. By half 7 the contractions where coming every 5 or so minutes and becoming much more painful so at 8am i informed the hospital, who advised that we go in, so in we headed. I had gas and air as pain relief and  I got to have a water birth, which really was a lovely experience. Don’t get me wrong, it was still as painful as i remember, although it seemed more intense this time, but it defiantly helped being in the water and i am so glad i got to experience birth in that way. At 9.53am, he arrived into the world.

Big Brother 

Once me and Casey were all sorted out and settled into the ward, My mum brought Noah up to meet his new little brother. It was exciting to see how he would react to Casey, and it went a lot better than i could have ever expected. He straight away was fascinated by him, wanting to look at him and give him hugs and kisses. It was really lovely to watch. He has been much the same ever since too. He likes to help out, holding the bottle when feeding him and helping to burp him too. Every morning he wakes up and asks “Where’s baby Casey?” Although, he pronounces it Baby Cakey, which sounds adorable every time he says it. He hasn’t been jealous of others holding the baby as well which was something i was also a little worried about. He has taken it all in his stride really.

4 weeks on….

So, here we are, nearly 4 weeks on as a fresh new family of 4. He is getting on really well, sleeping a lot of the night, becoming more alert by the day, and melting my heart just a little more every day. He loves to be held, but i don’t mind lots of cuddles.

All in all, we have survived the 1st 4 weeks, its by no mean been plain sailing, its been hard at times, but ill save that for another blog post, but we are very much enjoying our new addition to the family.

He was defiantly worth the wait. 

Until next time



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