September Lust List


I thought  i would show you a few clothing items and styles i have been loving this month. I have literally been ‘lusting’ over all of these and i have picked up a few of them or at least very similar… so enjoy!



From top left: 

(£54.99) Silver Converse – OFFICE

(£10)Black rucksack – PRIMARK

(£29.99) Denim patch mom jeans – NEW LOOK

(£5) Black velvet choker – ASOS

(£22.99) Khaki shirt – NEW LOOK

(£30) Oversized Embroided Denim Jacket

(£20) Suedette tan oversised shirt – BOOHOO

(£30) Statement denim jacket – PRIMARK

(£25) Black denim dungarees – BOOHOO

(£12) High waisted wet look leggings – BOOHOO

($19 approx £14.66) Green cactus print bomber jacket – AZBRO

(£10) Black Tassel Loafers – PRIMARK

Casual black and white stripe midi dress – (I forgot to write down the details of this and couldn’t find it again, but they literally have these everywhere so check out any of the above stores for a very similar product)

Hope this has given you some outfit inspiration, and i apologies in advance if i make you go out on a shopping spree after reading this. Some of these products are such a wardrobe staple and i cant wait to get my hands on some of these pieces to add to my ever growing collection, because you can never have too many clothes, am i right?

Until next time



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