Remember Remember the 5th of November 💥


Here in the U.K. We celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, which is on the 5th of November. Here’s a bit of back story if you dunno what it is…

Bonfire Night
So myself and a few friends decided it would be fun to go to see some fireworks together, and take Noah along, as he is much more aware and will probably enjoy them a lot more this year, now he’s older,  and he defiantly did!

So all equipped with our wellies, coats and hats, we decided on going to the Sproughton Firework display, which is just a nearby village quite close to our home town, so super easy to get to and not stupidly crowded like some of the bigger parks displays.

They had a big bonfire, hot food and drinks, sparklers and of course an awesome fireworks display. It was really fun to enjoy a, slightly cold, but nice evening with friends.

We enjoyed yummy baked potato, Burgers, and Noah had a big hot dog that he wolfed down, and watched the fire work display. He enjoyed all the colours and just kept shouting “Fireworks” 😂

Afterwards we enjoyed a round of Sparklers before heading over to warm up at the big bonfire. Noah was most excited about this as he loves fireman Sam at the moment. He kept shouting “Fire” and “Where’s Sam?”.

After this we all headed home to the warm.

It was a really fun night, thoroughly enjoyed by all. It’s nice now Noah is bigger, that he can enjoy all of these activities, and I’m looking forward to taking him again next year.

What did you guys get up to for Bonfire Night?

Until next time



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