Trying Out New Skincare Products

I’ve really been wanting to try out some new skincare recently, so i had a little mooch on Superdrug online and purchased a few products to try out, so i thought i’d tell you guys a bit about them.

I got the new Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Range, including the Day Moisturiser, Night Gel cream and Tissue hydrating face mask. I also got the Nip and Fab face Scrub, and a couple of Superdrugs own sheet face masks to try.

 Lets get into it.

The Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Range is their new hydration skin care. There is a day moisturiser, a night gel cream and a tissue face mask.

First up lets talk about the Tissue face mask. This is a sheet mask that you apply over your face. You smooth it across your face and peel off the outer sheet, leaving the remaining layer of the mask on your face. It makes you look a little crazy for 15 minutes, but trust me, its totally worth it. It¬†works to refresh the skin and leaves¬†it looking smoother, healthier and super hydrated. It has a lovely fresh and fruity scent from the Hydrating serum that is on the mask. This includes antioxidants such as pomegranate extract. Once you have had the mask on for 15 minutes, simply peel off and rub in the excess serum into your skin. It really quenches your skin and leaves it feeling silky¬†smooth and bouncy. This has become a weekly fix in my skincare routine as i am quite prone to dry skin, and this has really helped a lot to hydrate it. The mask isn’t too sloppy either, which some can be, so its still nice to apply.

I also purchased their day cream from the new range. This is the Moisture Bomb Antioxidant day cream. This is great to use every morning after cleansing your skin as a silky moisturiser. It really helps to lift dullness in your face, leaving you feeling and looking much fresher. The Moisturiser again has a super fresh and fruity scent from the Super food extract of pomegranate and Amla. It is also great in fighting the aggression that your skin faces on a daily basis.Its amazing for hydrating your skin,(for up to 72hrs) and also acts as a lovely basis for make up. The pump action is also really handy on this to get just the right amount of product onto your hand without wastage.


Last in the range is the Moisture Bomb Super Recharging Antioxidant Night Gel Cream. The Gel cream formula in this product is more concentrated to allow deeper hydration overnight. It gives a silky smooth finish and recharges the skin. Its also not greasy or sticky which is great, because the last thing you want when putting something on before bed is to feel greasy.

I have been using all of these products for a little while now and they have really helped my skin feel smooth and much more hydrated. I would defiantly recommend these for anyone who suffers from dry skin. They also say they are great for those with sensitive skin, which is always a bonus.

I have heard so many great things about Nip and Fab products, and i have always wanted to try them out. I had used up all of my facial scrub and so this was the perfect opportunity to pick up their Glycolic Scrub fix and give it a go. This promises to refine, brighten and renew skin, which it defiantly does. The little beads inside the scrub really work to exfoliate and re texture your skin. I have been using this for a while now and have really noticed a difference in my skin. Its not super harsh on your skin either and has a lovely fresh scent to it. I have been using this in the morning, (Once a  week), applying to damp skin and then lathering in, and simply washing away to give a lovely fresh start to the week.

I really loved using the Garnier Moisture bomb sheet mask, so i thought i would give superdrugs own range of sheet masks a go to see how they fair. I picked up the hydrating one, as well as the purifying one. The hydrating one does what it says on the tin, re hydrates and leaves skin feeling super smooth. It has a fresh ‘Spa’ Scent. The Purifying mask has a refreshing mint scent, with a mix of tea tree and spearmint. This brightens and energises the skin. These don’t¬†have as much product on them as the Garnier one, so the effects are lessened but they still work well and are super affordable, which is always a plus!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you try any of these products out.

I’m looking for a new Cleanser and Toner to try so any suggestions are more than welcome.

Until next time



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