Yankee Melt Mini Haul ✨


One of my favourite things are scented candles, they are so relaxing and give a lovely atmosphere to a room. I recently went and picked up a few Yankee melts, as I hadn’t really tried many of theirs before, so I thought I’d show you what I picked up. There are some really delicious scents, I really want to purchase one of their bigger jars too.

I brought five different scents to try in my little wax burner, Summer Scoop, Cranberry Pear, Black Cherry, Snowflake Cookie and finally Christmas Cookie.

First up let’s talk about Summer Scoop. Now it’s worth noting that I am a sucker for super sweet and fruity scents, so all of these are like this, but they are so nice, trust me. Now summer scoop is basically exactly what it says on the packet. It’s a super fruity, berry scented candle, which makes your whole room smell of strawberry Ice cream. It really is delightful. Not the most autumnal scent for this time of year perhaps, but nonethe less, it was too nice not to pick up.

Next up, Black Cherry. This is another super sweet and fruity scent, but with a hint of freshness running through it too. It reminds me of a fruit crumble when you smell the Cherry. This one reminds me of my Nana’s house, as she used to always have cherries in her fruit bowl in her lounge that we were allowed to eat.

Another fruity one is the Cranberry Pear melt I also picked up. This is really sweet and fruity, and is a mix of really juicy Pear scent, and the scented gel pens they used to have when I was a teenager, either way, it smells almost edible.

When I went into the store to pick up some melts, I really wanted to try and pick up some of their Christmas scented candles. I don’t mind the smell of cinnamon, however I found it to over power a lot of their Christmas scents, I did find two that I really loved, one of which  I NEED in a bigger jar. 

Both of these smell so delicious. Christmas cookie is by far my favourite of their scents. It is packed with Vanilla, and quite literally smells of freshly baked vanilla cookies. It’s super sweet, buttery and sugary all in one melt, it fills your whole room with the yummy scent.

Snowflake Cookie, is very similar in its sweet biscuity scent, however it has a different scent of sweetness for the pink icing topping on the cookies, instead of vanilla scent like Christmas cookie. Both are to die for and super festive for this time of year.

I defiantly want to try out some more scents from Yankee, so watch out for a part two real soon.

 What’s your favourite candle scent?

Until next time



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