Blogmas Day Three: Putting up the tree 🎄


Welcome to Blogmas day 3!

Let’s get Straight into this post, because it’s about one of the most important aspects of Christmas, the Christmas tree of course!

We decided to put up the tree just before 1st so it was all ready to enjoy, for the whole of December. We also wanted to do it all together as a family. Noah is 2 & 3 months this Christmas, so he is so much more aware of everything this year than he ever has before, so I really wanted to enjoy the magic of Christmas with him from the onset.

We have a synthetic tree, so along with all our decorations & lights, we grabbed that from the loft and got decorating.

We made sure to sort out all of the lights and put them on before Noah came down from his nap because, a toddler and a load of tangled Christmas lights do not mix in my opinion

Once the main basis of the tree had been sorted, it was time to get stuck in, and that he did. He loved the Christmas tree, and all the different pretty decorations, from golden baubles, tickly tinsel and little father Christmas’. He seemed to really enjoy placing them all on the tree.  We had Christmas songs playing and it was really festive and lovely.

The final part of the process, and as per tradition for me at least, was to place the topper onto the completed tree, we have a silver star on top of our tree! ⭐️

Do you have any tree traditions when decorating?

Until next time


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