Blogmas Day Seven: Christmas Wishlist


I thought i would compile a little list of the few things i would love this year for Christmas. I know that present giving  isn’t the most important part of Christmas, so this is like my Christmas Favourites, a few things I’ve been loving the look of and if i do receive any, then bonus.

First up, lets talk make up, i love Tanya Burrs make up range, she recently brought out a new range that included her first lipsticks. I love the look of all of these, there are some really lovely shades and the packaging is beautiful, i especially love Pink Cocoa which is a pinky nude shade, this has been super popular since its release. She also brought out some special edition Christmas beauty products, one of which is this Beautifully Defined Palette. I love the brown tones of the eye shadows you get in this, and the bronze and high lighter combo is great too, it also includes one of her new liquid highlighters which i have been dying to try.

Mac is one of mt favourite make up brands, i love their lipsticks so much, their formula is great, they have so many beautiful shades and they are still pretty well priced too. I love Macs Nude Matte lipstick shades, however i recently discovered a new shade i am dying to try, Antique Velvet, its still a matte finish but its a really deep, almost red toned brown. It is so beautiful and would be great as a stand out lip shade with loads of different make up looks.

In a lot of boots stores now they have a Make Up obsession stand that you can make your palette up with whatever shades you like, having a mixture of eye shadows, contour and highlights, its totally up to you. I love this idea, especially if you want to make a eye shadow palette. I always find when you buy a palette, there are always shades that you don’t really use, whereas this way you can pick all of the shades you like and taylor it to what you use, so you get the most wear out of it. Its such a great idea. You can even get these personalised in store which would make them a great Christmas gift.

Next up, Skincare, Bath and Fragrances. I have been loving nip and fab products recently, and have really been trying to improve my skincare routine. I have heard really good things about the dragons blood range, so would love to try it out for myself.

Lush is a ultimate favourite of mine when it comes to all things bath related. I love a good bath and Lush bath bombs are just to die for, they smell so delightful and make a bath that all the little more luxurious and relaxing.

I am a sucker for a super sweet scented perfume and this Britney Spears perfume is great. It is so sweet and fruity and the scent is really long lasting. I just love it and have done for many years, to the point where my friends always think of me if they smell it, you can never have too much perfume.

Finally for the fragrances, its got to be the Zoella Body Spritz’. I love Zoella’s beauty range, Tutti Fruity is my favourite, but i love all of her scents. This cute little set has a miniature of each of the fragrances that she has brought out. This is great if you want to try out one you haven’t had before, or cant afford to buy them all at full price. It also means you can have all of the fragrances to pick from. I haven’t tried her new gingerbread scent in the spritzes yet so i cant wait to see what its like.

The last few bits are a mixture of home ware, books and jewellery. Zoella has a new lifestyle range out and i have been loving everything in it. I have got a few bits already which i love, however you can never have too many. I would love the copper and marble pots to put my make up brushes in on my desk, and the notebook and planners would be great for blogging. I love the colour scheme of this collection too.

I am such a sucker for a scented candle and i have a new found love for Yankee Candles at the moment. They have some lovely scents. My favourite by far is their ‘Christmas Cookie’ scent, closely followed by ‘Candy Cane Lane’. These are so sweet and delicious smelling. I have purchased these in the small wax melt tarts to use in my burner but would love them in a bigger sized jar too.

I love Primark, and do most of my clothes shopping there, so a voucher to purchase even more clothes is always really great. I think vouchers are so good because you can buy something for yourself without the guilt of spending even more money on clothes.

Etsy has some beautiful jewellery on their site, and i loved this necklace when i was having a look on their. I would love a personalised necklace with my two boys initials on. I think its such a nice thing to be able to wear all the time, but its also not too in your face. Its delicate and simple enough to wear all of the time, casual or for a more dressy look.

Last but of course not least, Harry Potter. Now i love Harry Potter and don’t need a excuse to want anything new, so last year when they brought out the first book in illustrated form i jumped at the chance to have it. I was so excited that they had produced the 2nd book into a illustrated version too this year. The pictures are so beautiful and a must have for any Harry Potter fan.

What have you asked for, for Christmas this year?

Until next time



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