Blogmas day Eleven: Winter Wonderland ❄️


Welcome to Blogmas Day Eleven! Seriously where is December going?!?

Yesterday, myself and a few friends took a trip to Winter Wonderland. If you don’t know, it’s a big market, literally massive, and had rides, attractions like an ice bar and shows and loads of food stalls. It takes up a massive part of London’s Hyde Park every Christmas for the past 10 years and this will be my second time going.

A lot of things are the same as when I went 2 years ago, however we really wanted to go again so Noah could experience it.

We only went on this big wheel this year as an actual attraction as we were unsure of what Noah would and wouldn’t like to go on, but the wheel was amazing. Noah loved looking out over the whole fair and the  view over the whole of Winter Wonderland was amazing.

We had a look at some the the crafty stalls on the way round to Santa Land! Noah enjoyed this as this included a lot of the smaller rides for children. He went on a sleigh ride and Whizzing Penguins which he really enjoyed
Although it was rather busy and drizzled slightly, it was a really fun, festive day out with friends and Noah seemed to enjoy it which is the main thing.

On the way back from Winter Wonderland, we walked to the tube station via Oxford Street and saw all of there amazing Christmas lights in full glory. Here’s a few snaps to get you feeling even more festive. London is very pretty at Christmas time.

I would defiantly recommend Winter Wonderland as a fun day out if you love in or not too far away from London. It’s free entry so you just pay for what you do inside really. Lots of fun!

What’s your favourite Christmas activities to do during the festive period? 

Until next time



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