Blogmas day Fifteen: Perfect Stocking fillers 🎅🏼🎁 (£5 or under) 


Welcome to Blogmas Day Fifteen!

That’s right, only 10 days to go until the big day.

Now I love a good stocking, but when your already paying out for other main presents it all starts to become very expensive. I thought I would find a few ideas from the high street, of items that would be great stocking fillers, and come to £5!

I’ve complied a few ideas for ladies, Men and kids so hopefully you can get some good ideas for those stockings.

First up, ladies:

Revolution eye shadow – £1

Yankee melt £1.69

Chocolate coins £1

Wilko fruits bath bits- 0.95p each

Peppermint candy canes -wilko £1

Retro sweets – Poundland £1

Christmas novelty socks – George at Asda £1.50

Lush butter bear: £1.95

I think these are all great little presents to pop in and you can mix and match to make it up to £5. For example,

Chocolate coins, revolution eye shadow x2, retro sweets, & wilko bath bomb – £5


Lush butter bear, chocolate coins & novelty socks- £.4.45

Any combo would work great depending on what the person likes  and you can always get at least 3 presents per stocking for under £5.

Next up, men’s stocking, which is defiantly the hardest one I think!

Chocolate coins-£1

Flick finger football £3 – tiger

Peppermint candy canes- Wilko £1

Star Wars tin baubles- wilko £1 each

lynx shower gel-wilko £2.50

Retro sweets- Poundland £1

A mix of sweet and novelty bits, for whatever combo you think they would like the most.

For example:

Chocolate coins, stars Wars bauble, flick finger football game – £5


Lynx shower gel set, retro sweets, and candy canes – £4.50

So again, although this was a bit trickier, you can get 3 presents for the £5 limit.

The kids one was a good one as there are loads of lovely little kiddie presents they would enjoy for a great price so here’s a few ideas I found.

Wilko Christmas craft pack £2

Chocolate coins £1

Christmas mini colouring book- Tiger £1

DIY memory game – Tiger £3

Chocolate santa – wilko £0.75p

Sew your own Christmas decoration- wilko £0.75p

Peppermint candy canes- Wilko £1

Kids play packs- £1 Poundland

Kids goodies selection box – £2.99


A combo of any of these would be great dependant on your child’s hobbies and likes, for example:

Chocolate coins, Christmas colouring book x2, sew your own decoration, chocolate Santa – £4.75


Chocolate Santa, goodies selection box, kids play pack-£4.99

There are loads of great crafty bits and games for kids which is what I always remember getting in my stocking as a kid and really loved. Of course you can put more in if you like but I thought £5 is great for everyone’s budget.

I hope these have given you some good ideas for stocking ideas if you were struggling with them.

What did you always used to love getting in your stocking?

Until next time



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