Blogmas Day Nineteen: Lush Christmas Haul 🎅🏼


Welcome to Blogmas Day Nineteen!

As it’s the festive season,  I thought it was a great opportunity, (excuse) to try out some of lush’s Christmas range.

I love lush and all of their products smell incredible, natural and free from all nasties too which is a bonus.

I popped into my local lush store to check out what they had this year and there was quite a few different things to choose from.

My favourite product from lush are their bath bombs, but I thought I would get a mix of bits to try out.

I picked up The Santauraus reusable bubble bar, the peeping santa bubble bar, Sweet like Santa Father Christmas bath bomb, and finally Santa ‘ Fun’. I didn’t even realise until I wrote this but everything I picked was Father Christmas themed.

First up let’s talk about the Santauraus.

This is one of their reusable bubble bars that you put under running water and it creates amazing bubbles and a colourful bath too! This one smells super orange, a lovely burst of fresh citrus and makes your bath a lovely green. This is great as it comes on a stick and lasts for quite a few baths! Also my son loved this in his bath, the dinosaur was defiant hit.

Next up is another bubble bath, this time, the old classic peeping Santa. This bubble bar again is used under running water to create lovey bubbles in your bath. It makes the bath turn red which looks a little scary, but the smell is devine. It’s quite a fresh, floral scent, and is packed with Cocoa Butter to make your skin feel super soft.

Now for my favourite product, the bath bomb. I went for the Father Christmas bath bomb this year as I loved the smell straight away in store so just had to try it. When you pop him in the bath it turns red before revealing his green interior. It is a really super sweet, candy scented bath bomb, which is my favourite sort of scent and this is truest delicious in your bath.

Last up is something I had never used before, Father Christmas ‘Fun’. You can use this for bubbles, soap and hair! The concept is to mould it like play dough and have ‘fun’ in the bath. You get white, red, black and gold, all he colours you need to mould your own santa.

(Lushs example of their website)

Once you’ve finished creating, you rub it together in your hand to make a soap, and to wash your hair, or again run it under running water to create some great bubbles.  I really love the idea of this, and is great for kids in the bath. I thought my son would really enjoy this which is why I decided to give it a go. Would be great if your child wasn’t too kean on bath times! They do them in other Christmas themes too, (stocking filler perhaps?!).

They have so many other great bath products out this festive season, these are just a small selection, so if you love a good lush bath then I’d head over there and check out the rest of their festive goodies.

My sister did a festive lush post over on her blog with some different products, you can check that out here.

Until next time




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