Blogmas Day Twenty Two: Christmas Craft 🎨🎄

Welcome to Blogmas Day Twenty Two! Only 3 days left to go!

Homemade presents are always lovely gifts when you have children. There are only so many mugs and things you can buy people before you run out of things for the kids to get them, so homemade gifts are always a winner. They take the time and effort of making so are always that little more special.

In Wilko they do some lovely craft sets for great prices, sew your own Christmas decoration for 0.75p and decorate your own Christmas ornaments/decoration for £2.50. We brought a pack for Noah to decorate, mainly as a fun Christmas craft too so with him, to get creative, but also thought they would make great additions to gifts for family.

The set comes with string, mini paint pots, and two glitter tubes.

I missed my beauty advent for a couple of days so here’s what I got in Day Twenty and Twenty Two. An black/Grey revolution single eye shadow with a lovely glitter running through it, and a MUA matte Nude lipstick.

Until next time


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