Blogmas Day Twenty Four: Christmas Tradition 🎄🎁


Welcome to the final day of Blogmas, day Twenty four!

It’s Christmas Eve!

I thought I would do a little post on some of my favourite Christmas traditions.

First up, each year we go and look at all of the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. Some of the streets have some great lights! Really festive.

Having my son Noah getting older He is starting to really enjoy more of the aspects of Christmas. This year we brought out all of the Father Christmas bits for him to do on Christmas Eve. We put out a mince pie, and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. We also left out Santa’s special key so he can leave all the stockings.

My sister also made us Christmas Eve boxes. In Noah’s he had some chocolate milk, some Christmas colouring and craft activities, some chocolates, and some festive socks.

In the adults ones we had festive socks, chocolates, hot chocolate, and Christmas hats!

 Casey’s only little but she didn’t want to leave him out so he had a little singing reindeer toy and a lovely polar bar Christmas shirt to wear.

We enjoyed snacks and watched home alone to finish off a festive Christmas Eve!

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

Until next time



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