Welcome t0 2017! I cant believe the beginning of a whole new year is upon us, where the hell did 2016 go?

When i first started this blog i did a post very early on called Things i would like to do before i’m 30. This is now over two years ago, this year in May i will be 26, so i thought i would revisit the post and see what i have accomplished from the list so far, with 4 years left to go..

*Find Love & get married 

*Buy a house

*Have a baby

*Visit America (New York and Florida)

*Learn to drive

*Decide what I want to do career wise and do something about it

*Take more photos

I had already found love and got married when writing the last post, and me and Dan will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary this year.

We are still in our own home, creating new memories every year.

When i last wrote this blog post i had recently given birth to Noah. I expressed that i would love for him to eventually have a sibling to play with. Noah is now two years old and has a little brother of 4 months called Casey. I’m really happy with the age gap of the boys and know their gonna love playing with each other when they get abit older. Ideally i would love to have had to have all of my children by the time i am 30, so if i was to decide to have another child, (Not that im planning one anytime soon haha!) then i still have 4 years to do so, who knows what the future holds.

With regards to visiting America, our plans for this are very much underway. Both families have already well begun saving for the trip and we are hoping to start booking bits this year, with a target of August 2018 being when we will go. Its exciting and i just know it will be one of the most amazing holidays ever, and the boys will make so many memories.

For Christmas from Dan and his Mum and dad i got driving lessons. I am so excited about this as i have been saying for such a long time that i would love to learn and it would make life some much easier, having both the boys, to be able to drive. I always said it but never did anything about it, i always thought it would be way to expensive so didn’t bother so Dan decided to buy me a bulk amount to get me started, because he knew i probably would carry on talking about doing it forever otherwise. I have had my first lesson already and have my next few booked. I really enjoyed it and i am super excited to learn. I have a target of the middle of the year to pass hopefully so fingers crossed.

Career wise, i’m still not 100% on that, but i also have a few things i wanted to do before getting this really underway, enjoying the boys growing up, and with my current job, them being the age they are, it suits our life quite well, so this is still a working progress.

Take more photos. I have defiantly done that in the past few years. I have taken so many pictures of the boys, and all the different things we have done. I also have printed off a lot of the photos, as i always remember loving looking at old pictures of myself when i was younger so i want to have loads of photos and memories to look back on in the future.

As for 2017, have i got anything new to add to the list?

*More Blogging

*Start a YouTube Channel

*Care less about what people think

I would love to really concentrate on my blog this year and make it even better than before. I have gained so many more followers last year than any other and i can’t wait to continue making more content for this little online space.

I would also love to start up a YouTube channel, similar to my blog, talking about all things i love. I love watching YouTube videos and i think it would be a lot of fun to do.

As for the last point, i think this would be really great to work on, and i know a lot of people will probably be with me on this one. Sometimes i am like, yeah whatever i dont care, but i know also, more often than not it can hold me back because i do care far too much about what people think about me, when really it doesn’t actually matter, as long as your happy with what you are doing. Although, a lot easier said than done, its something to work on, and even as a 25 year old adult, i dont always feel like it, and i think this would be great to work on before i hit the big 3-0, and start that next chapter of my life. I think that stepping out of my comfort zone with this blog and starting up a YouTube channel could really help with this.


What are your goals for this year?

Happy New Year from Sarah’s Corner, lets make it a good one.

until next time



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  1. I hope you have a great 2017 and get to mark off more things on your list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a great year too! X


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