2017 Make up Wishlist


I hope your all having a good 2017 so far, this year I want to expand my make up collection, so I thought I would compile a little list of pieces I would love to get my hands on this year. I love both high end and high street make up, but this year I feel like I want to buy some investment pieces that will stand the test of time.

I find very often I don’t treat myself that much and this year I’m going to try and do that a bit more when I can. So even if there is a high end piece of makeup I would love, I can slowly build it up throughout the year with little treats to moi. Like I said, I love both high street and high end but the main bulk of my make up collection, at the moment, is high street brands so I would love to add some more high end pieces to it.

So let’s get into the list 💋

First up is my trusty Mac lipsticks. I love a Mac lipstick and I think they are such great quality. There’s such an array of colours, and finishes to their lipsticks and they are so hard wearing and beautiful to apply. I notoriously buy very similar shades of lipstick, mainly nudes and pinky toned ones, so I really want to get a few different coloured lipsticks for my collection. In a make up tutorial last year Tanya Burr used a Mac lipstick in the shade ‘Antique Velvet’ and I fell in love with it. It’s a matte finish in an intense brown shade and it’s so beautiful. I’d also love to try another of their creme shine lipsticks as I love my ‘love lorn’ from them.

I have always wanted to try both Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilburys lipsticks as they both look so incredible. I have heard from people’s experience that they are such great products. I especially love the look of shade Kim K West from Charlotte Tilbury, a light pinky nude shade. The rose gold packaging of CT lipsticks is beaut too, really luxurious.

I’ve tried some of Kylie’s lip kits and love them! They are so lovely, however so many people have had problems with customs etc that it does slightly puts me off ordering from there website. However boots do a make up obsession stand now where you can make your own custom palettes with eye shadows, highlighter, bronzers and blushes. Ever since I saw the selection of shades in shadows they do I have wanted to recreate a similar palette to the Kylie Burgundy one so I would love to do that. The autumnal shades are so beautiful with a mix of matte and shimmers. I would love to experiment more with eye shadow this year.

On the subject of eye shadow palettes, there are two too faced palettes I would love to get my hands on this year. The white chocolate chip and the Peanut butter and jelly palettes. I’ve only ever heard amazing things about their eye shadows, as they are super pigmented and really bendable. The white chocolate chip is a small really soft toned palette with some lovely light, almost pastel shades as well as some gorgeous shimmers. It also has some great base shades and a darker one to make a smokey eye, so it’s super versatile for a palette of its size. The peanut butter and jelly palette again is a mix of matte and shimmers but has more autumnal shades to it. It also has some more out there shades that you could experiment with. As with all too faced palettes, they both are scented so I can only imagine how amazing they both smell also.

I just love the packaging of too faced make up, it’s so bright and beautiful. I would really love to try out their heart shaped blushers//highlighters//bronzer’s as they just looked so pigmented and gorgeous and the heart shaped packaging is just so super cute.

Staying with Too faced, I would love to try their better than sex mascara this year. I’ve heard so many great things about this Mascara and,with lipstick, is one of my favourite make up items. I love how mascara really makes your eyes pop open, so when ever there’s a good one about I love to try it out.

The final item is a foundation. Now I love the finish to your skin that foundation gives, it’s a great base and comes in so many different forms, from a matte finish to a dewy finish, low to high coverage. I’ve tried a fair few different foundations in the past, high end and drugstore, and so far I haven’t found a high end one I prefer for coverage and finish, better than Estee Lauder double wear, but I’m always open to trying new ones. I have heard amazing reviews on the Nars sheer glow foundation. It is a glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and build-able coverage. So this is a defiant on my Wishlist for this year!

Have you got any make up items you would love to purchase this year?

Until next time



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