Cheap or free Family Fun Trip’s – Christchurch Mansion 🏰


I’m always looking for nice, fun activities to do with my boys and there’s so many things you can do without spending copious amounts of money. There’s bound to be mansions, museums and baby groups in your town to keep them occupied so I thought I would do a little series on fun, free or at least money saving ideas to do with kids. As nice as it is to spend your money on them, they won’t remember how much money you spent on them, but the fun times they had, making lovely memories that money can’t buy.

This is the sort of thing I would find useful, and although these will of course be about places in my town, they can just be catered around what your town has to offer. A lot of towns have lots of similar free or cheap activities available.

For the first edition, I thought I would talk about our latest adventure to Christchurch mansion. A very old Manor House in one of the main parks in our town. It has loads of the old Victorian features and fixtures intact and lots to look at in the rooms up and down, so we took Noah round to have a little look at all the history of the place. It’s also set in the grounds of the park so a visit to the play area after is always a win!

Even better, this place is completely free to get into and look around. When i was younger my mum would take us to the museum with a sketch pad and pencils and we would spend hours drawing different things we saw, Noah is only 2 but if you have an older child it would work great.

It’s also has a lovely little tea room and gift shop for you to grab a drink at after, and a little souvenir of your adventures. Auntie Ro Ro brought Noah some old fashioned toys the had in the gift shop for him to play with.

Until next time



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