Cheap or free family fun days – Flux Freestyle 🤸🏼‍♂️


I’m back again with another post about ideas for family free or cheap trips, and this is a recent discovery of mine so I thought it would be great to share.

Quite recently a flux freestyle trampolining park has opened up in our town and they do Toddler sessions in the morning each week. I thought we would take Noah along and see how he liked it.

It’s £5 each for a child and £5 for an accompanying adult. (You must have 1 adult per child jumping) but you can have others to watch who don’t have to pay. You also get a free fruit shoot drink for the participating child and free tea or coffee for the adult if they have a parking ticket for the car park there.

There are loads of these trampoline parks popping up at the moment, so if you haven’t been, they have loads of individual trampolines, netted areas to play dodge ball etc as well as walls and jump pits to do different tricks.

Their toddler sessions are great as you have use of the main trampolines and dodge ball area, and there are lots of toys, tunnels and ball pits on the trampolines to play with too, they also play Disney songs on the speakers which is always a hit with kids. You get an hour session and they can jump to their hearts content and use up all their energy!

This is a nice little morning or early afternoon activity that Noah and most other kids I’m sure would love! You can go along with your friends and have a catch up with coffee after and have lots of kiddies playing together, so a real win win in my book.

check out flux freestyle here.

Until next time



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