Meal ideas & weekly shop-Slimming Word Edition


It’s been a while since I have done a slimming world blog post, in fact any kind of blog post, this is my first in February so sorry about the absence, I had a bit of a creative block and didn’t just want to write a post for the sake of writing one, but I’m back now and I thought I would update you on the weight loss journey, so far for 2017….

5.5lbs off this January which I am happy with. I love this calendar picture as it shows all of the months weight loss in one, whether you had gains or losses, it made me feel a lot better about January as a whole! I am glad with how January went. February i have maintained both weeks so far so really hope t boost that weight loss the next two weeks.

I have really been concentrating on lots of speed foods this month, so I thought I would show you what I get in my sort of weekly shop. I shop at Aldi so all of this came to Β£25.
First up let’s talk fruit and veg! This is the standard fruit and veg I generally get although I do like to vary my fruit sometimes if I can. So here we have: Peppers, Tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, lettuce, swede, carrots, rocket/salad leaves, pears, apples, nectarines, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & chilli’s.

Next up I like to get a variety of different ‘meat’. I’m veggie so I always get meat free items from the quorn range to get my protein in. I generally make sure my freezer always has mince, sausages and chicken pieces. The mince and chicken prices are all free and so are the low fat quorn sausages, these Lincolnshire ones are 1/2 syns each. I am really loving the quorn roast joint & steak strips at the moment too which are both free. These always bulk out a meal so I make sure I stock up.


I always stock up on misc items such as milk, egg, cheese, bread, yogurts and beans when needed. I don’t very often get muller yogurts as they don’t really inspire me, however recently they brought out a new cake shop range and they were really tasty πŸ˜‹ Next up I thought I would show you a few bits I get from Aldi and Lidl to use as my ‘Syns’ for the week, they do some really great options and makes it so much easier than having to go to 6 different shops to get the food shop done, especially with two small people in tow.
First up let’s talk crisps. Both Aldi and Lidl do their own version of French fries, Quavers and Skips. These are all much less syns than them too. Aldi crispy fries & Melts are 4 syns a bag. Lidl’s  cheese curls are 3 syns a bag.

 I am really loving sweet and salty popcorn at the moment and there are so many different brands about but both Aldi and Lidl do their own now which is great. Aldi do a bigger bag for 6 syns but you get loads in, Lidl also do some, the bags are smaller but only use 3.5 syns which is great as it leaves you even more for the rest of the day.

I do like my chocolate so I have found quite a few low syns options to subside the chocolate craving. In Aldi they do chocolate covered rice cake bars in plain chocolate and orange chocolate, these are great for a chocolate fix as they are a good size but are only 4.5 syns, and they have individual rice cakes too at 4 syns each. I have found some other good low syn chocolate options to have as syns but i’m gonna save them for another post.


If you enjoy a cheeky biscuit there’s loads of low syn options out their too. In Aldi they do these oats and honey granola bites which are so delicious and only 1 syns each, they are great with a coffee. Lidl now do their own version of the mini bags of party ring biscuits at just 5.5 syns or chocolate animal biscuits also at 5.5 syns a bag. You also can’t forget good ol’ hi fi bars. They have brought back my favourite flavour, salted caramel, which is just so delicious and now only  3 syns which is amazing.

So that’s what I get for a weekly shop and my favourite snacks from those shops, I thought I would also include some meal ideas. I’ve really been trying recently to get full swing into slimming world again after having my 2nd son and Christmas,  and also cooking more meals, and I’ve done a few new ones so why not share them with you.

Quorn Chilli & Sweet potato fries


SW friendly fry up


Chinese Fake away


Syn free houmous


Porridge & various delicious//fruity toppings

Fajitas quorn steak ‘wraps’ 


Fajitas quorn chicken ‘wraps’ with Squaffles


Fibre One Chocolate brownie (4 syns) with quark and raspberries 


Omelette ‘pizza’ and salad 


Quark with fruit & toppings


 I’m feeling really good about this ‘journey’ at the moment. I love taking pictures of my food, it really helps to keep me on track. I have been trying out different forms of exercise recently too as well to switch things up and make it more fun. I have been doing running, swimming, Zumba and even a trampoline fitness class. I want to lose as much as I can before I go back to work in May so hopefully if I keep on track I can do that.

I’m hoping for good few pounds off the next couple of weeks as I have maintained the last two weeks, so giving it an extra big push to get those few pounds off by the end of Feb.

Whats your favourite slimming world meal?

Until next time




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