Free or cheap family fun activities – Picnic in the park


Welcome back to another addition of Cheap or free family fun activities.

So this one might be quite obvious to some people, and a normal activity, but by adding a few extra additions it makes it more like a little day out than just a visit to the park.

We have recently had a star bucks open quite near my house and so our day started here. I took a little packed lunch with us and he snacked on some of this while having a nice drink in the coffee shop. Noah had one of the kids innocent smoothie cartons they sell this time however he does also like to have a babbicino too which is warm milk with chocolate dusting on top. We enjoyed sitting in here, having a relaxed drink, Noah enjoyed watching all the cars go by as they have big glass windows all around the building.

Once we had finished our drinks, we set off to the little park nearest to the coffee shop for a run around and play. It was quite a nice day as well which made it all the more nicer to be outside enjoying it.

We spent quite a while here but it was lovely as Noah snacked on his lunch on the benches, and played and ran around to his hearts content. He loves the park and of course, its completely free, always a winner and most towns or cities have plenty of parks to choose from. He really enjoyed his picnic style lunch and it made it a little more fun than just sitting at home having lunch.

We walked along the river walk on our way home just to make it a lovely end to a fun but relaxed family afternoon.

Until next time



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