Three Simple Outfit 


Sorry about the posts, or lack of, life’s a little crazy with two small people & I’m back to work now, so trying to fit everything in where I can.

I thought I would do a post on a few fav outfits. I love a lot of these pieces and have really enjoyed trying to up my style a little recently so I will defiantly be doing a lot more of these posts in the future too as I really enjoyed getting some outfits together.

These are all super casual but i think their all really nice too, and really easy to recreate and make slightly different with just a few items of clothing.

Let’s get into it ✨


First up is this grey choker style grungy top. I loved the band tee/grungy design on the front, it’s really in at the moment and the choker detail at the top really sold it for me. I simply paired this with some high waisted black skinny jeans & these black pumps.

Grey choker top: £6 Primark

Black high waisted skinny jeans: £8 Primark

Black pumps: £5 Primark

Next up is this cosy thin jumper style top. This is great for spring time as it’s warm but not too thick for those slightly warmer days. (When we actually get them in England) I love the look of this as I think it’s really flattering on, the length is great and I am simply in love with khaki at the moment so the colour was a winner for me. Again I just paired these with the same black skinny jeans and pumps.

Khaki jumper: £10 Primark

Black high waisted skinny jeans: £8 Primark

Black pumps: £5 Primark


Lastly is this super casual look. This hoodie is soooo soft but again not too thick so great for spring, also lets just talk about the colour. I love it. This is so nice with any jeans but I used my black skinnys and then my black high top converse to complete the look.

Khaki hoodie: £6 Primark

Black high waisted skinny jeans: £8 Primark

Black high waisted Converse: Office £47.99






What’s your favourite item of clothing right now?

Until next time



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