DIY custom clothing 


I have been loving the whole embroidery/ patch kinda vibe that’s been going on and I thought to myself, I wonder if you can buy patches yourself, so onto eBay I went. Sure enough there are loads to choose from, so I picked a couple of packs, all with different, cool and fun little iron on patches. I thought it would be wicked to customise a top or something of my own, a unique, one off piece.

When they arrived I decided which patches I liked the most together, and added them to a few different tops & blouses.

While looking for iron on patches I came across some beauotiful embroidered patch style pieces and I just knew I had to get one to customise a pair of jeans, because who wants to spend an extra £10 on embroidered jeans when you can give it a go yourself. I had a few pairs of light denim jeans so thought I would get one which would look nice on them. I found a stunning floral patch that I knew would look great! I purchased it and when it arrived it defiantly didn’t disappoint. It brought the jeans to life and I just love how they look.

Here’s the outcome of my little DIY projects:

Until next time



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